Teaching as Inquiry
"... inquiry is about challenging teachers’ thinking in ways that promotes their own learning as well as that of their students. For this to happen, teachers need to examine their taken-for-granted practices critically in the light of evidence about students’ learning (Timperley, Wilson, Barrar and Fung, 2007). They should also explore relevant research literature that can challenge their thinking and offer new teaching possibilities" (ERO, May 2011)

Teaching as Inquiry

The following resources have been organised and shared to support Leadership and Assessment seminars for participating schools. For enquiries or support please contact Team Leader, Bev Shepherd (Consortium for Professional Learning)
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Originally published in the Team Solutions Newsletter
| Term three | Issue three | July 2009

What strategies are most likely to help my students learn? Resources to assist planning the Teaching Inquiry.
Professional tools to support The New Zealand Curriculum
Educational Leaders articles

  • Capabilities Matrices - "an integrated set of values, strategies and techniques used skillfully by teachers to maximise students’ motivation and ownership of their learning. Includes acorresponding set of capabilities for students and leaders"
  • Capabilities baseline data including teaching observations and feedback
  • Student voice and video
  • Evidence from your practice and that of colleagues (professional learning circles)
  • Relevant research literature, case studies and learning stories