Moderation workshops

Below are links and resources to support teachers with moderation and making overall teacher judgements.

Workshop PowerPoint - Developed for presentation at moderation of OTJs workshops

The Videos

These video resources have been developed by Team Solutions, as part of a Ministry of Education contract, to stimulate professional learning conversations and to support ways of learning and thinking about moderation.

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Making an OTJ in Writing - an introduction.
Discusses what might count as evidence
and what the evidence needs to show in
Making an OTJ in Writing - a 'think aloud'
Looks at making an overall teacher
judgement in writing


Moderating a Writing OTJ
Moderating an overall teacher
Making an OTJ in Reading - an introduction
looks at making an overall teacher
judgement in reading

Making an OTJ in Reading

Reading OTJ

Making an OTJ in Mathematics

07 Maths OTJ


Word burst list


Ministry of Education - Assessment position paper

Education Gazette - Reading "AT" THE standard, what does it mean

National Standards: Thinking wider about sources of evidence, SET 2, 2010
Multi Dimensionality
Not one test, not one day, not one classroom

This article focuses on the use of evidence from student work in Technology to inform overall teacher judgments for National Standards. An article by Brenda Weal and Selena Hinchco was accepted for publication in an abridged form in the NZ Education Gazette.


OTJ templates
  • Writing

  • Reading

  • Mathematics

Collection of evidence templates
  • Writing year 6

  • Reading

  • Mathematics

Moderation of Overall Teacher Judgement

Template for teachers to record key points, questions and alerts during the workshop

Assessment plan

Meeting plan

Senior managament agenda

Team meeting agenda