Assessment Literacy
If assessment, both formal and informal, is central to teaching and learning, what understandings and strategies do stakeholders need to know, plan for and practise.

The following resources have been organised and shared to support Leadership and Assessment seminars for participating schools. For enquiries or support please contact Team Leader, Bev Shepherd (Consortium for Professional Learning)

Resources used in this sessionAssessment Through the Student's Eyes - Rick Stiggins (2007): Available from Educational Leaders
"This reading is very useful for New Zealand school leaders. The New Zealand Curriculum emphasises that the purpose of assessment is to improve learning: The reading makes the point that students’ motivation to remain engaged with learning is enhanced when students are clear about assessment practices and purposes."
Autonomous Learners - Dylan Wiliam: Available from Education Scotland
"Discover how students can become autonomous learners. Dylan Wiliam explores the changing relationships between teachers and students as a result of formative assessment approaches within schools."
Using evidence for learning: Available from Assessment Online

"These pages address an essential component in the ongoing cycle of inquiry which is central to improving teaching and learning; the collection and analysis of high quality evidence. This resource is intended to be dynamic, in order to best respond to the needs of educators."
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